My stay in Sedu


My name is Sandra Pandion I am 18 years old, and I am a trainee from Lower Austria.

I chose Finland, because I love cold and rainy weather and beautiful landscapes. I also wanted to improve my English and working skills and wanted to see how Finnish people do their work. So hello, here I am, in another country far away from my home full of joy to experience new things and get to know new people.

I really wanted to see the northern lights and on the 27th of September I really saw them from Jouppilanvuori, which is the only hill in Seinäjoki and really worth seeing. It is very typical to go to the sauna and go ice swimming in Finland and I have tried it. I am so thankful for this experience, because Finnish sauna is so hot, about 90 to 120 degrees and after that I went ice swimming and the lake was 9 degrees and in winter time it is even more intense, so I think if you will come to Finland you will have to try it and you will feel much better.

What I have learned here is that you have to be flexible, because of the meetings and different working days - especially compared to my regular work assignments in Austria, where each day in the office is quite similar. Here I have assisted in administration and teachers in different tasks and taken part in planning educational services to customers. I have gotten to know the education system and operation of the educational institution. 

Now I know that I am very interested in the field of management. I really liked how people work here. All in all, I am sure I will visit Seinäjoki again, because the people are so friendly, warm and helpful so I want to meet them again.

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Sandra Pandion

Pandion Sandra