Vocational education and training

In 2018, 323 300 Finnish young people and adults were studying in vocational training. The overall number of completed degrees was 79 600. Vocational training covers the second largest proportion of the Finnish educational system, right after comprehensive education.

Developing the world of work is one of the basic tasks of vocational education and training. The training is usually customised to meet the requirements of the workplaces. The organisation of training takes account of the student’s situation.

Practical work combines learning at the workplace and in the educational institution. Professional skills are demonstrated in hands-on work tasks. The abilities of the student are evaluated by representatives of working life as well as the educational sector.

Initial vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications and Specialist vocational qualifications offer expertise in almost 400 different professions. Each one of these quolifications can also be carried out as an apprenticeship.

Applications for basic vocational training are made during the joint application period every spring . One can also apply at any time during the year through continuous admission.

More information about vocational education and training can be found in the publications of the National Board of Education, in English, French, German and Russian among other languages:



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